Sell Your Lego Bricks To Us

We buy collections of LEGO in lots from 10 pounds to 500+ pounds – smaller lots are not cost-effective to ship. We are located in the United States and shipping from other countries is cost prohibitive. If you would like to sell us your LEGO from outside the USA, please include the shipping charge from your country to our zip code of 07882.

The following is the general information that we need to be able to assess your LEGO and make an offer to you. Contact us at LEGO purchasing with the information below. To save time, please submit ALL information under “to make an offer” in your initial email. Due to the number of inquiries we process, we may not be able to respond to yours if the information is incomplete. 

In order to make an offer:

  1. Several pictures, one of the entire lot and a few close ups. Please try to make the pictures smaller for emailing.
  2. We need the weight of the whole lot (most people will weigh themselves while holding the LEGO and then again without it and take the weight difference).
  3. We need your zip code that you’re shipping from.
  4. Let us know any additional information about the LEGO such as what set numbers you may have or describe the themes (castle, space, Star Wars, Harry Potter, etc…).  It does not matter if the LEGO is sorted or a big mess or if sets are incomplete.

After we have the pictures, shipping zip code and weight we will make you an offer. If you agree to our offer we will send prepaid shipping labels and your payment.

If you accept our offer, we will need:

  1. Paypal email address to send payment.
  2. Email address to send FedEx Ground pre-paid labels (if different from Paypal email).
  3. The approximate size and weight of the box(es). For example, box 1 – 12″x20″x18″ = 25 lbs, box 2 – 12″x24″x30″ = 40 lbs, etc. Fewer boxes save a lot on shipping. It’s okay to pack a pretty big box up to about 65 lbs. We will need that information to create the FedEx Ground labels that we will email to you. It is good to line the box with a garbage bag so that if the box gets crunched, the LEGO doesn’t spill out.
  4. Your address to use as a return/origination address for the FedEx labels.

Payment and shipping:

Once we have the shipping information so that we can create the labels, we will send your payment through Paypal and email the prepaid labels.

  1. Take the package(s) to an authorized FedEx drop off location.

We look forward to learning more about your LEGO!